We are a family of three kids, James (6), Amy (11) & Daniel (13).  Our kids have been brought up in remote locations, that includes Kakadu, Arnhem Land, Bickerton Island (slightly bigger than Norfolk), Central Desert and now at the top of Cape York, and all have been schooled in remote schools.

I started life on a farm, drove trucks and other stuff and then became a mechanic, for the last 7 years have been in remote retail.

My wife also is doing retail management, the ‘management’ has been over last 6 years.

So you can see we fully understand isolation, freight issues, ordering planning and the general expectations of very remote locations.

BUT, we love being remote, we love camping, fishing, boating.  We are NOT into sports and social activities so if the expectation of newcomers is to be very active in ‘social’ activities and lives, then it is NOT us.

You are welcome to look us up on facebook as that is one good way to see what a person is really like.

We are Joe and Melissa Grace, and we live in Mapoon, about 80 km north of Weipa in QLD.