Be a friend of Norfolk Island



Norfolk Island is an 8 km x 5 km paradise at latitude 29 degrees in the South Pacific.

The island’s major industry is tourism. In fact, tourism-related activities comprise 80% of Norfolk’s economy.

To provide a sustainable income for the island community, Norfolk Island needs to attract more visitors than it does today. ¬†Evidence from the past ‘boom times’ suggests average visitor numbers of 800 per week is required, which is an increase from the 500-600 per week of today.

Additionally, our resident population must increase too because more people, new ideas and new investment are essential to also grow the island’s economy.

We are currently raising funds for the 2014 Destination Norfolk Island Travelling Roadshow. If you would like to donate please follow the links to our funding page.

The monies raised will help to build awareness of Norfolk Island as a great place to live, work, invest, and holiday.

Awareness raising will be via an education program around Australia for six+ months. This will be a ‘conversation’ with the general population and travel partners about this beautiful and unique destination.

The conversation will be about the lifestyle on offer, and the changes to Norfolk Island immigration laws that allow Australian citizens to become residents.

Our roadshow will consist of two people travelling to the major urban and rural areas of Australia educating travel partners, setting up display booths, handing out information, creating networks, answering questions and offering support to people who would like to visit and/or live on Norfolk Island. You will be able to visit us in shopping centres and at travel agencies and other travel partners.

There will be daily updates and photos on all forms of social media, with an emphasis on interaction with the general public. What we do will be totally transparent to you.

Please use the Contact page to email us if you have any questions.

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