The island has a both a home and mobile phone network.  The latter is based on a recharge card system.

There is widespread penetration of cable and ‘hot spot’ wireless broadband throughout the island.  Ubiquitous broadband is not available – NI does not have a 3G network at this time, although it is hoped that such services will be available in 2014 / 2015.

Telephone charges (in summary) are as follows:

– Local calls from 20c per call

– IDD to Australia and New Zealand start from 20c a minute (off peak) and 40c a minute (peak)

– IDD to the rest of the world start from 50c a minute (off peak) and $1 a minute (peak)

NI has two Internet Service Providers:

– Norfolk Telecom which operates as a wholly-owned government business enterprise.

– Norfolk Island Data Services are privately owned and are the pioneers of Internet into NI.  They own the .nf domain.