The island has a small sewerage treatment plant that services a small part of the Norfolk Island – from Middlegate down Queen Elizabeth Ave and through Burnt Pine.  Most of the island homes use a septic tank system for household waste collection.

There is no local government rubbish pickup service in NI.  Many people in NI compost.  There is a waste management centre owned and operated by the government.  Household waste is taken to this centre and sorted into bays.  What can be recycled is, and the rest is burned.  The NI Government is currently looking to purchase a high intensity incinerator.

There are no dams on NI used to collect water for household use.  All homes must have a minimum of 45,000 litres of at-home water storage, either in above or below ground tanks.  Accommodation places must have 32,500 litres per bedroom available.

The government owned and operated electricity plant operates on diesel fuel and this provides the island with its electricity.  Electricity costs to the consumer are at 71c per kilowatt hour.  Voltage is 240 volts AC, 50 cycles, with three pin standard Australian style plugs used.

Many businesses and households have solar panels installed.  In fact, more than 50% of the island’s peak needs can be generated from renewable sources.