There are minimal restrictions placed on new investment in NI.

Foreign investors – those who are not Australian or NZ citizens – wishing to buy land, dwellings or businesses in Norfolk Island need to be aware that the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (Commonwealth) applies to Norfolk Island.

Any development must comply with planning regulations.  You can review these in detail by following this link  —–>.

In very simple terms the NI Government has a NI Plan that outlines land uses across the island, building regulations such as a two storey limit on construction, water catchment and storage requirements, and effluent disposal.

Australian and NZ citizens are free to establish businesses as they like, and indeed any investment to grow and diversify the island’s economy would be welcomed.  Those who are not Australian or NZ citizens can still invest in NI under a permit system.

Tourism accommodation businesses must be registered and must comply to regulations which outline the standards, facilities and services for accommodating guests.   Private homes can now be approved as tourist accommodation.

ISP-type businesses can be established and have, under law, wholesale access to public telecom infrastructure to retail product and services to customers.