NI has input costs at levels that exceed those of our two major trading partners, Australia and NZ, because of its remoteness.  These higher costs flow through to the price of every product.

As a guide only, below are prices for a basket of goods that can be purchased at the island’s largest supermarket.  This survey is done reasonably often by Norfolk Online, the island’s only online media company.  This will provide a basis for comparison with costs where you live now.

ULP and diesel fuel costs abour $2.50 at the bowser – but then you don’t travel nearly as far here as in other places.

Many other costs are lower than what would be the case in Australia and NZ.  For example, car registration costs $160 per year.  There is no income tax at the moment, although this might change in the coming years as the NI Government builds closer financial ties to Australia.

The median income for families in NI is $50,000 p.a, and for individuals it is about $30,000 p.a.  This is according to surveys conducted by Commonwealth of Australia agencies over the last five years.


10 December 2013 prices (AUD)

Karicare Formula from 6 Months 900g
Karicare Formula from 1-3 years 900g


Purex toilet paper 4 in pack


Kleenex Tissues 220 in pack


Harpic Toilet


Pine O Clean 1.25L


Chum Dog 1.2kg


Whiskas Cat 400g


Glad Commercial All Purpose 50 blue garbage bags


Glad Wrap 150m


Aluminium Foil 10m


Arnott’s 100 + 1000


Huggies Junior boys Pk 20


Pantene Shampoo 350ml


Colgate Sensitive White 110g


Impulse 75g


Stayfree ultra thins 12


San Remo Spaghetti


Dolmio Chunky Sauce 500g


Continental Pasta


Maggi Gravy


Watties Tomato Sauce 1L


Top cook Salad & cooking 2L


Standard Champion flour 1.5kg


Standard Champion SRF 1.5kg


Kraft Peanut Butter light crunchy 375g


Kraft Vegemite 150g


Craigs Strawberry Jam 660g


Eggs 1 doz


Sugar 2kg


Milo 200g


Budget Chopped Tomatoes


Baked Beans 420g


Spaghetti with sauce 420g


International Coffee 100g


Nescafe Decaf 100g


Fresh Up Juice 1LT


White Foodlands Bread


Anchor Cream 1LT


Devondale Colby Cheese 625g


Coke 1.5L


Watties super sweet corn cobs 1kg
Watties baby pea & corn 750g
Watties baby pea 750g


Chicken Size 16


Tiptop Ice cream 2L


Eveready 9v Black battery


Carton of Milk Normal


Golden Cockerel fillet of breast chicken 2kg