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February 2014


By |February 27th, 2014|

Childcare, admin, call centre work, sales, but willing to try anything.   My partner is also a cleaner and fully qualified library technician.

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Joann Kooij-Roos

By |February 23rd, 2014|

Hi.  My name is Joann and in 2009 I had my skills assessed with the NZQA.  I was assessed as social work, level 6.

Today I am studying for Post Bachelor qualifications as Play Therapist, and will be completed in July this year.   As a play therapist I work with children in 4 – 12 years age group who have social and/or emotional problems.

I am married and a mother of three boys.

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Destination Norfolk Island skills system

By |February 22nd, 2014|

Hello, we are pleased that our skills system is now operational.

Just enter your details in the form on this page and they will be shown on this website.

If you prefer not to have your details listed publicly but you are interested in letting people know about your skills, please email us on

Norfolk Island Central School swimming carnival

By |February 21st, 2014|

Norfolk Island Central School (NICS) provides education for students K to 12. There are 300 students and more than 20 teachers. It is one of the most loved events for locals who live on Norfolk Island.

The school has many of the sporting activities that you would normally expect of a central school – athletics carnival, cross country racing, and an annual swimming carnival.

This week the swimming carnival was held. Not in a swimming pool like you would expect. But something far better – the magnificent Emily Bay that lies in the World Heritage listed Kingston area of NI. The […]

Sorrel Wilby life on Norfolk Island

By |February 17th, 2014|

Sorrel Wilby is an award winning adventurer, author, photographer, television presenter and artist.  Sorrel and her family have a wonderful life on Norfolk Island.

She is perhaps best known to you for her role on Channel Nine’s flagship travel program, Getaway, Australian Geographic’s Best of Australia documentaries and the ABC series, Painting Australia.

She has travelled extensively and has met many wonderful and amazing people on those travels.

‘In 2014, Sorrel Wilby will revisit and reflect upon the many journeys she has made in her life. Rather than retracing her actual steps, she has pledged to spend 100 consecutive days in her studio producing 100 […]