Below we show you what you have to do if you want to visit, work / invest in, or live on Norfolk Island.  It is time to stop imagining – Just do it!

For visitors
Entry requirements for visitors are straightforward.

– A current Australian passport or drivers license; or a current New Zealand passport.

– For those with a passport not issued by Australia or NZ, you will need a multiple entry Australian visa valid for 30 days beyond your intended length of stay.

Here is a VIP link for great visitor information.     Norfolk Island Tourism   —–>

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Living and working in NI - Australian and New Zealand citizens
Australian and New Zealand citizens are automatically deemed to have been granted an Unrestricted Entry Permit (UEP), which remains valid until they leave Norfolk Island.  They are free to work, establish a new business, or participate in a business, as they wish.
Becoming a resident
For Australian and New Zealand citizens residency no longer needs to be applied for.  A Norfolk Island drivers license should be applied for after three months of residency, but all mainland Australian benefits are extended to the island now.  It’s just like moving from Brisbane to Sydney …

Make an appointment with the Immigration Department to complete and lodge your section 28A residency application. Although not mandatory, bring along to your appointment your current passport or document of identity.

For NZ citizens, you will need proof you can reside permanently in Australia, which means you can live and work in Australia for an undetermined, undefined period of time

Living and working in NI - non Australian or New Zealand citizens

If you are the holder of a foreign passport (ie. passports not issued by Australia or New Zealand), and intend to live and work in Norfolk Island you will need to apply NI Immigration Office in Burnt Pine. You will need an Australian Multiple Entry Visa, valid for 30 days beyond the intended length of stay

Important forms
For non Australian and New Zealand citizens

Australian Government Fact Sheet  —–>

TEP Guide   —–>

TEP Application Form   —–>