November 2016

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By cheap Keppra|November 16th, 2016|

Experience as an operations manager, retail manager, and sales assistant. I am looking for a position that is involved in tourism or retail that can broaden my experience in management. I am currently Operations Manager of an iconic Chocolate Factory in the Margaret River region in Western Australia.

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April 2014

buy Keppra online no prescription

By cheap Keppra online|April 3rd, 2014|

We are a family of three kids, James (6), Amy (11) & Daniel (13).  Our kids have been brought up in remote locations, that includes Kakadu, Arnhem Land, Bickerton Island (slightly bigger than Norfolk), Central Desert and now at the top of Cape York, and all have been schooled in remote schools.

I started life on a farm, drove trucks and other stuff and then became a mechanic, for the last 7 years have been in remote retail.

My wife also is doing retail management, the ‘management’ has been over last 6 years.

So you can see we fully understand isolation, freight […]