On the island’s south west coast is 100 Acres Reserve that is one of the best places to take a walk through a variety of amazing flora, with great views, and seabirds galore that take your breath away.

Those who live on Norfolk Island love 100 Acres as a place for recreation, picnics, and contemplation. Those who come for a Norfolk Island holiday also find this tranquil place well worth the visit.

We went walking there today (Australia Day) and took some photos to show you just some of what you might find at 100 Acres.

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The entry to 100 Acres

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Down to the coast

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Beautiful forest

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An avenue of White Oaks and NI Pine

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Up the boardwalk on the way back

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Enjoy the peace with a friend

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Tropic birds in full flight

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Large birds nest fern

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Moreton Bay Fig tree

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Naturally seeded NI pine

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Fishing at Rocky Point

Here is a

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of ocean scenes at

100 Acres

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