Today was Foundation Day on NI. For those who live on Norfolk Island, and travel here for the event, it was a wonderful day.

A re-enactment of the landing in 1788 by a small party of seven free men, two marines, two seamen, one midshipman and nine male and six female convicts, led by Philip Gidley King, was held.

Hundreds of visitors and locals were there to witness the celebration. They heard the stories of those times, and the stories of the lives of the early settlers from their children.

That first settlement brought on shore provisions for six months, plus sheep, hogs, poultry, seeds and plants, with tools and implements for clearing and cultivation.

Life was hard. Within a few months four settlers lost their lives. Trees were felled, tents erected, then huts and barns were built. The settlement grew until it was closed down in 1814.

King called the place Sydney, and it was not until the Second Settlement from 1825 that the name was changed to King’s Town (Kingston).

Here are some photos from the re-enactment.

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Landing party on the way

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Landing party moosa ya (nearly here)

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Bringing provisions ashore

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Shelter up – nearly!

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Some in the crowd

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Philip Gidley King claims NI

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The British flag flies

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The stories of the first fleeter’s children

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The Administrator of NI, the Hon. Neil Pope, and MC Judith Davidson