December 2013

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The Norfolk Island Regional Council is the island’s public service.  They, and the Commonwealth Government, provide the national – state – local government programs and services for people who live on Norfolk Island.

These include: NI Airport, Community Services, Courts and Tribunals, Customs and Immigration, Energy, Telecom, Emergency Services, Hospital, Land Use, Planning.

You can find out more information about public services, and contact details, through the regional council’s official website at     —–>

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November 2013

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No.  The beautiful Emily Bay is the local pool where ‘nippers’ is held and where the local school holds its swimming carnival each year.  Protected by a reef, Emily Bay is one of the world’s best beaches for families.


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There is a Letl salan (Children) parents group for parents of young children.

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NI has a central school that caters for K-12 students.  There are about 300 students and 23 teachers, being a mix of local teachers and teachers contracted for three years from the NSW DEC.  The school uses the NSW Curriculum.

There is a special education unit available for those with special learning needs.

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