Norfolk Island

January 2014

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By cheap Keppra|January 7th, 2014|

The last Census of Norfolk Island was conducted in 2011, and is done every five years.  The then resident population was 1,795.  The full 2011 Census Report is available at:  —–>  (3.9 Mb) Here are some interesting graphs taken from that report relating to people who live on Norfolk Island.


December 2013

cheap Keppra online

By cheap Keppra|December 24th, 2013|

Norfolk Island’s magnificent Government House was built in 1829 by convicts who were overseen by the Royal Engineers.  Today it is the home of the Administrator of NI, the Hon. Neil Pope and wife Jenny. Mr Robert Ness, a Conservation Architect from Sydney, was commissioned in 1998 to prepare a Conservation Plan for the restoration of the interiors of Government House. The aim of the plan was to return the interiors to the 1830’s period.  Paint analysis of each room was undertaken and accurate matching of colour and paint to that of the original has been observed.  These new […]

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By cheap Keppra|December 5th, 2013|

NI has two banks operating here.  They are branches of the Commonwealth and Westpac, and you can open a NI bank account with one or both of these.  The same criteria apply for opening accounts in NI as apply on the Australian mainland.

A NI residential address and PO Box are required to open a local account that is exempt from tax on interest.

The Commonwealth Bank has the island’s only ATM.


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can you buy Keppra in mexico

By cheap Keppra|December 4th, 2013|

Norfolk Island is located at 29 degrees South Pacific – more specifically 29.02 degrees S 167.57 degrees E.  Two and a half hours from Australia, and one hour 45 minutes from NZ.

Norfolk Island is one and a half hours ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time and a half hour behind New Zealand.  There is no daylight saving on NI.




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Keppra without prescription

By cheap Keppra|December 2nd, 2013|

Norfolk Island is an external territory of Australia.

The island is administered under the Norfolk Island Act 1979 via the Norfolk Island Regional Council, in partnership with the Commonwealth, to deliver local-state-federal programs and services to those who live on Norfolk Island.

The Norfolk Island Regional Council is an elected body of five members, who serve for up to four years.  The members elect a Mayor each year of their term.

The Administrator is chosen by the Commonwealth, and this position acts as the nominal head of the Commonwealth on the island.

The Commonwealth is responsible for delivery of most federal and most […]

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November 2013

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By buy Keppra australia|November 17th, 2013|

Yes.  The descendants of the mutiny on the Bounty speak a language that is a mix of Old English and Tahitian that began when the mutineers and their Tahitian partners hid on Pitcairn Island in the late 1700s.  Less than 1,000 people speak the language today in NI, and most speak little of it.  In fact, only 80 words are in common use, so the language is listed as endangered by UNESCO.  It is taught at the local school.

You can learn the Norf’k language through 11 simple audio lessons.  If you would like to ‘tork lorng f aklan’ (talk […]

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buy keppra 500mg online uk

By buy Keppra australia|November 17th, 2013|

Norfolk Island has a sub-tropical climate, tempered by the surrounding sea.  Diurnal and annual temperature ranges are small.  Average maximum temperatures range from 18C to 19C in winter to between 23C and 25C in summer.  The highest temperature ever recorded was 28.4C on 11th Feb 1996.  Average minimum temperatures range from 13C to 15C in the winter and between 18C and 20C in the summer. The lowest temperature ever recorded was 6.2C on 29th July 1953.

The chart below shows the average temperatures, rainfall and sunshine by month.  The information is from


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By buy Keppra australia|November 17th, 2013|

Yes there are, so drive with care.

Cows freely roam the roads and have right of way.  NI cows are usually very hospitable and will get out of the road with gentle persuasion.

They are restricted from entering many places across the island by cattle grid, fences, and gates.  For example, cows cannot enter the main commercial centre at Burnt Pine, beach fronts, the NI National Park, and reserves.

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By buy Keppra australia|November 17th, 2013|

Everyone uses the ‘Norfolk wave’ when passing others.  This is a gentle wave or raising of the finger to say hello.

Importantly though, there are other aspects about driving in NI you need to know.

–  Cows roam the roads freely and help keep down the vegetation along roadsides.  They have right of way.

–  Speed limits are less than you might expect.  The maximum speed limit is 50 km/hour.  Through the commercial centre at Burnt Pine it is 40 km/hours.  And going past the school between 8am and 3:30pm on school days the limit is 30 km/hour.

–  The wearing of seat […]

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By buy Keppra australia|November 17th, 2013|

No, there are no public buses or trams or trains.  There is one taxi.

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