December 2013

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NI has input costs at levels that exceed those of our two major trading partners, Australia and NZ, because of its remoteness.  These higher costs flow through to the price of every product.

As a guide only, below are prices for a basket of goods that can be purchased at the island’s largest supermarket.  This survey is done reasonably often by Norfolk Online, the island’s only online media company.  This will provide a basis for comparison with costs where you live now.

ULP and diesel fuel costs abour $2.50 at the bowser – but then you don’t travel nearly as far here as in other […]

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NI grows most of its own fruit and vegetables.  The only foods allowed to be imported are potato, garlic, and ginger.  Everything else is locally grown according to the seasons, and available at many places, including through honesty box systems around the island.

There are several large market gardens, and several that use hydroponic techniques.  Aquaponics in the home is growing in popularity.

There is a chicken farm on island, beef cattle graze freely and are used for meat and dairy, and a number of farms run small herds of Dorper sheep for their meat.  There are a couple of piggeries.  […]

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NI has over 15 times the number of visitors each year as it does people who live here fulltime.  As such, it has had to cater for all of the special food needs that come with these visitor levels.

All sorts of special dietary and food requirements are catered for – vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, those based on religion, and more.  They are part of everyday life in NI.

What is guaranteed is that the fruit and vegetables taste like they should.  Very little is imported except for potato, garlic and ginger.  Everything else is grown according to seasons in home and market gardens, […]

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