November 2013

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Prices for a three bedroom established home on two acres of land start from AUD280,000.  There are a wide variety of properties available, in all price ranges – including those on cliff tops with tens of acres of land with a price exceeding a million dollars.

Home and contents insurance is available through the two local banks, and several other brokers based in NI.

There are three real estate agents on Norfolk:

– Island Realty                             —–>

– L J Quintal Real Estate           —–>

– Norfolk Island Real Estate     —–>

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No.  The beautiful Emily Bay is the local pool where ‘nippers’ is held and where the local school holds its swimming carnival each year.  Protected by a reef, Emily Bay is one of the world’s best beaches for families.


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Yes.  There is one taxi.  You need to give lots of notice for bookings.

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NI has a public hospital with 24 beds, including eight to 10 aged care beds.  The hospital is administered under an agreement with the NSW Health Department.

There are several fulltime doctors, a dentist, a physiotherapist, and a chemist.  There are also emergency, outpatients, respite care, and district nursing services provided through the hospital.

People on NI are covered by Medicare, are eligible to join a registered Australian private health care fund, and the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme applies in NI.

For critical care that cannot be provided locally, emergency medivac flights are available.  The cost of these are covered by the Commonwealth.


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The island has three child care centres.  They are Wizz Kidz Daycare, Banyan Park Playcentre, and Little House Daycare.

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