February 2014

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In the 2011 NI Census the following occupations were reported on.

If you wish to provide NI businesses with your skills and work aspirations for work on Norfolk Island, go to our skills page and send us your details.  We will check and categorise what you provide us with so that NI businesses can search our database.   —–>

December 2013

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Norfolk Island has its own corporation’s legislation under the Companies Act 1985 (NI) to guide the setting up of companies, including the registration of foreign companies, the issue of prospectuses, the conduct of company directors, and for the administration and liquidation / winding up of companies.

Business Transaction Levy

Shares in local companies are usually traded or transferred under private contracts.  There is a Business Transactions Levy arising on each transfer of 4% of the transfer price.

Business Registration

You will need to register a business name under the Business Names Act 1976 (NI) to operate a business under a name other than […]

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There are minimal restrictions placed on new investment in NI.

Foreign investors – those who are not Australian or NZ citizens – wishing to buy land, dwellings or businesses in Norfolk Island need to be aware that the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (Commonwealth) applies to Norfolk Island.

Any development must comply with planning regulations.  You can review these in detail by following this link  —–>.

In very simple terms the NI Government has a NI Plan that outlines land uses across the island, building regulations such as a two storey limit on construction, water catchment and storage requirements, and effluent disposal.

Australian and NZ citizens are free to […]

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The island has a both a home and mobile phone network.  The latter is based on a recharge card system.

There is widespread penetration of cable and ‘hot spot’ wireless broadband throughout the island.  Ubiquitous broadband is not available – NI does not have a 3G network at this time, although it is hoped that such services will be available in 2014 / 2015.

Telephone charges (in summary) are as follows:

– Local calls from 20c per call

– IDD to Australia and New Zealand start from 20c a minute (off peak) and 40c a minute (peak)

– IDD to the rest of the world start […]

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