December 2013

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You can bring your pets to live on NI with you.

They must be shipped as manifested cargo and not as (un)accompanied baggage.

An import permit is required, which must be obtained prior to arrival,  NI Customs can assist.

Not all classes and breeds of animals are allowed to enter.  Prohibited are animals from all countries other than Australia or New Zealand.

The following link provides more information on the importing of animals to NI.  —–>

The island has one vet located in Middlegate who has a pet-minding service for those times you go on holidays.

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November 2013

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Yes there are, so drive with care.

Cows freely roam the roads and have right of way.  NI cows are usually very hospitable and will get out of the road with gentle persuasion.

They are restricted from entering many places across the island by cattle grid, fences, and gates.  For example, cows cannot enter the main commercial centre at Burnt Pine, beach fronts, the NI National Park, and reserves.

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