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March 2017

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I am a Vietnam Veteran on a DVA Pension, my wife is my carer.  I am unable to work but I am willing to assist in everyday happenings within the community.  I am not disabled enough to need special care or assistance.

I’ve heard a lot from fellow Veterans and may be interested in renting a property for my wife and myself.  I will help within the community and am very sports minded.  I’m just looking for a life change if possible.

I would like to know if DVA would still cover my medical etc and my pension benefits would still […]

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Hello.  I’m a mechanical engineer! As I am very passionate about working in manufacturing and R&D environment, I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to be a recognized engineer within company that I respect.  Norfolk Island might be just right place for my wish to come true.

My skills and knowledge lie primarily in general mechanical, welding and maritime engineering field.

Qualifications: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with International Welding Engineer certificate.

Email: ante.barisic42@gmail.com

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IT Systems Administration, IT Networking, Research and Data Analysis, Customer Service Management

Email:  lyne@urbanlifestyledesigns.com.au

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January 2017

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I am an ambulance technician skilled in basic life support, advanced life support, and use of a manual defibrillator. I am used to dealing with respiratory conditions, cardiac conditions, neurological conditions, and muscoskeletal injuries, and emergency trauma care. I want to help people, to develop my skills, to be able to pass these on to my patients, and to help develop those I work with.

Email: kirstymick42@outlook.com

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I am a registered nurse with 34 years experience mostly in community health and palliative care.

My Husband is a trade qualified painter and decorator with 40 years experience.

Email: lennyduff1@bigpond.com

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November 2016

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Experience as an operations manager, retail manager, and sales assistant. I am looking for a position that is involved in tourism or retail that can broaden my experience in management. I am currently Operations Manager of an iconic Chocolate Factory in the Margaret River region in Western Australia.
Email: bestbunch@hotmail.com

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Certificate in veterinary nursing with nine years of experience in vet hospitals. Two years of human health studies, and experience in human healthcare at smaller health centres. Elderly care. Childcare. Four years experience in hospitality. Experience in clay pottery art, and give courses in clay work on the potting wheel.
Email: helen.cox.74@gmail.com

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Carpenter 20 years, Educational support assistant for four years working with special needs students.
Email: shaunycox@hotmail.com

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I have skills and experience as Site manager civil construction, as an electrician, wooden boat builder, and as a coxwain on charter boats. I am an allrounder in all things with wood, and all types of construction. I am looking for somthing different. I can be contacted by email at: bretta@draperscivilcontracting.com.au

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July 2016

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I’m trade qualified baker working in NZ for more than 8 years and as a bakery manager for more than 3 years. Retail supermarket bakeries where my most experience came from. Worked in wildlife department as a ranger in Sri Lanka for 4 years as well.

You can contact Nilantha at email: mailto:nilantha_daya@yahoo.com

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