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January 2014

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By cheap Keppra|January 27th, 2014|

His Honour the Administrator, the Hon. Neil Pope, and Mrs Jen Pope, were hosts to several hundred at the 2014 Australia Day Reception at Government House on Sunday evening.

Here are some photos from the celebrations.

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By cheap Keppra|January 26th, 2014|

On the island’s south west coast is 100 Acres Reserve that is one of the best places to take a walk through a variety of amazing flora, with great views, and seabirds galore that take your breath away.

Those who live on Norfolk Island love 100 Acres as a place for recreation, picnics, and contemplation. Those who come for a Norfolk Island holiday also find this tranquil place well worth the visit.

We went walking there today (Australia Day) and took some photos to show you just some of what you might find at 100 Acres.

Here is a
of ocean scenes […]

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By cheap Keppra|January 19th, 2014|

On Saturday night (18 Jan) the Community Arts Association of NI held the 9th annual Wearable Arts Festival at Rawson Hall.

Hundreds of people who live on Norfolk Island, and visitors, attended this event – one of the most popular in the NI events calendar.

There were 25 entries across five sections: recycled materials (the largest section with 11 entrants), art through the ages, reinventing the groom, natural fibres, and extravagance.

The night’s overall model / designer winner was Victoria Rose Paris / Julie Paris who won a trip to NZ to attend the World Of Wearable (WOW) Arts  held annually in […]

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By cheap Keppra|January 17th, 2014|

For those who live on Norfolk Island, sport is a BIG thing!

Norfolk Island people love their sport.  The island has one of the most beautiful of golf courses in  World Heritage listed Kingston.  There is lawn bowls; tennis; archery; shooting; surfing; and more.

And each Thursday is touch footy day on the oval at Kingston.  Competitive? – sure is.  Scenic? – you bet.  Fun?  More than you could imagine.

So if you are going to live on Norfolk Island, and touch footy is your game, then join in on Thursday evenings.  You will be very welcome.

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By cheap Keppra|January 5th, 2014|

Norfolk Nippers, a non-for-profit group supported by Lions, is celebrating its 10th birthday on NI in 2014.

The first Sunday of the five week program for 2014 to develop beach awareness and water skills for children who live on Norfolk Island, and are four to 10 years of age, was held on Sunday at Emily Bay.

It was a sunny warm morning – temperature 23 degrees C, sea temperature 22.4 degrees C, blue sky and sea – magic!

Here is a very short video of some of the crowd at Emily this morning:  —–>   (0.5 Mb)

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By cheap Keppra|January 1st, 2014|

One of the best places in NI is the Norfolk Island National Park.

The Park covers about 14% of the island, and is home to beautiful flora and fauna, easy to moderate walks along quiet and mysterious tracks, and amazing views across Norfolk to the offshore islands.

It is also a place with an interesting WW II history that you can learn about from interpretative signage.

We decided to walk the tracks at Mt Pitt and Mt Bates first thing on New Year’s Day. It was a little hazy, but a beautiful way to start the day.

Others had the same idea because […]